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This is my online document archive, a collection of documentation scanned and processed into PDF-files. These documents are published with a decent image quality, what I consider good enough for casual use like the odd service on old appliances. Most documents published here are scanned by me, and although the original scans has considerably higher resolution, I can't publish it in full resolution due to storage limitations, and the original scans are kept in a digital archive offline. If someone for any reason needs access to higher resolution images, I may send copies of requested files for a small fee.

As you can see there's a menu in the left margin, a comprehensive list of brand names. This list will gradually become activated when items for previously inactive brands gets ready for publishing. Under each brand there will be a closer presentation of all relevant documents, with notifications if I still own the hard-copy and whether it may be bought and for what price.

All documents published in this online archive are published for the common good. As long as you don't edit the files to conceal that they came from, you may use them freely for whatever purpose you want, even sell them on through your own web-shop. I don't claim any form of intellectual ownership for these files, I only claim respect for the manual labour with digitising and processing them for publication.

When documentation are duly processed I might offer the hard-copy for sale. In these cases it will be announced on, Twitter, Facebook and Further details will be announced whenever an item is to be offered for sale.

For now I will only publish what I've personally scanned, but in future this may change and when this issue becomes relevant I will make it clear which documents I hold "original" hi-res scans of offline.

Published: 21/11-2017 (Gjermund Skogstad)

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