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.. according to my system at least :)

I'm an old school electronics boffin, which studied system architecture in the early naughtys more or less as an after thought.

I have worked on cable-tv systems, as an electro-repairman on both household appliances and professional equipment. I've been installing and refurbishing automation in process facilities. I've worked with installation and service of refrigeration facilities. I was involved with Debian edu for several years, worked as senior engineer at an international engineering company, worked as a system engineer at a local non-profit venture and with product development in my own private firm.

So I'm a bit of an 'all-sorts', or maybe some kind of potato :)

If you for some reason want to get in touch, send me an e-mail.

Anyway I've suffered a debilitating health issue, and are for the time being on disability welfare. There are very good reasons for this situation, so keep this in mind if/when formulating expectations to my effectiveness.

Published: 20/11-2017 (Gjermund Skogstad)

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