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Back up 'n' running ...

Regrettably this site went down for days, without me spotting it. What happened was that I ordered a new web-hotel for these pages and waited for confirmation on it getting ready to transfer the content. Without my consent the service provider decided to adjust the DNS-settings, and in the process mangled it so none of it where accessible. My plan for a stealthy transfer got botched ...

Anyway I've finally got it up and running, and all seems to have survived after all :)

(Or so I hope ...)

Published: 14/12-2017 (Gjermund Skogstad)

A new start ... (Sort of)

After some consideration I've desided to take up driver-hacking once more, this time spurred on by issues with a descent Mustek A3 scanner without plug 'n' play support in our beloved SANE (Scanner Access Made Easy).

So I were about to start nagging on the resident SANE-developers, but desided against with the wisdom that I just as well might do it myself ;)

(Famous last words.)

Published: 18/11-2017 (Gjermund Skogstad)

A miger start!

I'm really no fan of web-developing, but somehow I got to get this out there. I'm actually much more at ease with properly structured programming languages than this html-js-mash-up that many claims to be "programming" in. Well they're not and if you disagree we are having issues! ;)

I'm basically an old school electronics boffin, with exams to show for it ... :)

Publisert: 11/04-2014 (Gjermund Skogstad)

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